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Our ‘bottled conditioned’ beers are available to order online through our friends at Crafti Beer Ltd. Follow the link, pay for your order and the beer will be with you in 1 or 2 days.

Note: ‘Bottle Conditioned’ describes bottled beer which contain yeast sediment. The beer inside is unfiltered and unpasteurised to maintain the same quality and flavour as the cask version.

To pour clear beer, make sure you…

  • Store upright and allow the sediment to settle to the bottom of the bottle.
  • Pour slowly with the glass at an angle.
  • Discard the last centimeter of liquid in the bottle.

THIS (3.7%)
All the easy drinking virtues of a light ale. Brewed with Worcestershire Challenger and Goldings hops to give a vivid hop aroma and a subtle bitterness. Perfect with a light lunch – a ploughman’s or a sandwich.
THAT (4.1%)
A chestnut coloured best bitter brewed with crystal malt to give a robust malt flavour. Challenger and Sovereign hops give a potent bitterness to balance any sweetness. A perfect partner to stews or meals with a rich gravy.

A strong, dark and bitter beer. The distinctive dry finish derives from chocolate malt, Pilgrim and Cascade hops. A long fermentation leaves little sweetness behind. A good counter balance to a sticky dessert.

Bottled for the first time in 2017, Talbot Blonde is a golden and hoppy best bitter. Using Pilgrim and Minstrel hops to balance the light biscuit malt flavours, this is a very drinkable beer.

Brewed using green un-kilned hops from local farms. Green hops are harvested and then pitched to the beer within an hour of picking to give more aroma and flavour. Try it as an aperitif and savour the unique flavour. This is a seasonal beer and is available while stocks last.

A rich winter beer fermented over 7 days to give a pleasant dry finish. Brewed in October to give time for the beer to condition and allow the flavours of crystal and chocolate malts, Pilgrim, Sovereign and Cascade hops to mingle. Not your run of the mill sweet sticky winter warmer

3 Bottle gift boxes available to order direct from the brewery. Choose any three bottles from the above list. Contact us for item and posting details – 01886 821235 x209