It’s the green hop beer season! One of our most favourite times of the year, where we brewers take advantage of the hop picking season to brew beer using fresh un-kilned hops… and lots of them!

Making it’s annual and always very welcomed appearance is the much loved Hop Nouvelle. This year’s batch is made with Worcestershire First Gold from right around the back of the Brewery.

GREEN HOP FESTIVAL – Beer List Released

The beer list for the Green Hop Festival is now available below. Have a look at the Festivals section for more details.


Brewery Beer
G = Green hop U = un-fined (hazy)
Bewdley                                G
Boat Lane                             U PWA 5.2%  sweet
Brecon                                  G Green Beacons 4.3%
Brewhouse and Kitchen Down a Pegg 4.5%
Brewhouse and Kitchen Batsman 3.8%
Cheshire Brewhouse       U/G Verdigris 4.2%  green hopped in a wooden cask
Church End Pew’s Porter 4.5%
Church End Goats Milk 3.8%
Corvedale                            G Green Hop
Hereford                              G Hop Harvester 4%
Hobsons                               G Green Hop 4.2% pale and 100% green Challenger
Lakehouse Cherry Chocolate Porter 5.5%
Ledbury                                G Early Bird Goldings 4%
Ledbury                                G Challenger 4%
Malvern Hills                       G Green Pear
Malvern Hills                       G Green Pear
Teme Valley Brewery        G Hop Nouvelle 4.1%
Teme Valley Brewery Winter Shade of Pale 4.2%
Teme Valley Brewery Gargayle 3.9%
Teme Valley Brewery Damson Mild 3%
Saint Georges
Stroud                                  G Brewers’ Garden
Swan                                    G Green Swan
Uley                                       G Green Hop 4%
Unity Pekin Pale Ale 4%
Weatheroak Keystone Hops 5%
Wye Valley                           G

Our New Lager!

Cosmos (1)

Although we like to consider ourselves a ‘traditional’ brewery, if you don’t keep up, you get left behind!

Still in testing phase, Cosmos is our first ever attempt at a British style lager. Weighing in a 4.5% and hopped with Worcestershire Archer hops, we like to think we’re on to something.

Cosmos is currently available at the Talbot and we hope to have a wider distribution soon.

If you would like to register interest in potentially stocking Cosmos, give a call or drop us an email.