The Teme Valley Brewery is a craft producer of cask and bottle-conditioned beers. Opened in 1997 to brew for The Talbot in Knightwick, Worcestershire (www.the-talbot.co.uk), the brewery has expanded and now sells directly to pubs, shops and specialist off-licences in The West Midlands.

Because of the brewery’s origins in farming, we use only UK  grown malt and hops from Worcestershire and Herefordshire in our beers. With the exception of a Porter and an occasional wheat beer, all of our beers are “Burton” bitters – the style widely recognised as “real ale”.

The brewery is a member of SIBA, The Society of Independent Brewers (www.siba.co.uk)

In 2015 the brewery achieved SALSA Standard accreditation which recognises all of our beers are produced under the industry best practice for safe and legal food production. For further information, please click on the SALSA Accreditation section.

We are proud that all the hops we use are grown in Worcestershire and Herefordshire. Please visit www.thehopshires.co.uk to find out more about local hops and http://www.britishhops.org.uk/ for growing in the UK