Although we like to consider ourselves a ‘traditional’ brewery, if you don’t keep up, you get left behind!

No longer in testing phase, Cosmos is our first ever attempt at a British style lager. Weighing in a 4.5% and hopped with Worcestershire Archer hops, we like to think we’re on to something.

Cosmos is now available to anyone in our distribution area who would like to try it.

Technical notes:

  • Cosmos comes in 30 litre EcoKegs. To keep costs low, we are not adding the cost of packaging to customers. This mean we will collect the empty keg for re-use.
  • EcoKeg will require a standard Sankey coupler
  • Cosmos kegs come with sediment and will require settling time of up to 24 hours and should not be moved once settled. Treat just like cask ale.